Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A new job is a chance to reinvent yourself

I recently talked to someone who doesn't work in television news who had spent his whole life in the same job. All I could think of was that his resume must be awfully easy to put together.

Most of us in the business have moved a lot, and those just getting in should know that packing boxes are things you don't throw away. It's the nature of the business, like baseball. You start in the rookie leagues, then move up the ladder.

Each time you move you have a unique chance that those who live in one place forever don't. You can become a different, and hopefully better, person. Those few days between jobs should be your opportunity to reflect on your previous experience. And maybe resolve to change some things.

-Did you always give 100 percent in your last job, or phone it in on occasion?

-Were you a positive force in the newsroom, or part of the gossip chain that tears a news team apart?

-Team player?

-Were you nice to the new people, or did you treat them like pariahs?

-Did you bring great stories to the morning meeting, or rely on management to supply you with assignments?

Bottom line, you're starting with a blank slate. You can make a great impression on day one, and keep it going through your stay at the new place.

Not many people get second chances in life. We get second, third, fourth chances to become someone new.

If you're about to move, time to think about who you wanna be.


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