Friday, June 22, 2012

Grapevine Honor Roll

First, thanks to so many of you for sending in your packages. There are some people doing good work out there. Keep 'em coming, as I plan to share things on a regular basis.

We're going to call this sharing-with-the-rest-of-the-class thing the "grapevine honor roll"... good packages that show off various talents, editing and writing styles, unique deliveries, etc.

Our first inductee is Ned Hibberd from the Fox affiliate in Houston. The story is seven and a half minutes long. (Kudos to the News Director who isn't stuck in that insane minute-fifteen consultant driven high-story-count formula and gives reporters enough time to tell a story and let it breathe.) Despite the length the story really moves. I want you to note the set-up at the beginning, particularly the editing and use of nat sound. Also note Ned's delivery... a lot of energy in his voice, which many of you could use more of. While it might be too over-the-top for smaller markets, it's a big market and it's Fox, so it fits.

Very good writing here.... note how Ned writes to his video and sound bites. My compliments to the editor (has to be someone my age to use a song from the seventies).

If I had one tiny criticism it's that Ned was wearing jeans... but then again, it's Texas. My Northeast upbringing wouldn't permit such a sartorial faux pas. (And my dad would have chewed me out for it.)

Anyway, take seven minutes out of your day and check it out:


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