Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chick-Fil-A Rachel: the "get" that nobody got

By now you've seen the viral video from Wednesday: the guy in the drive-thru lane berating a girl named Rachel who shows incredible grace under fire.

If I'm a News Director in that market, I'm thinking follow-up. Who is this young woman who smiled through the abuse when most of us would have said, "Hey, buddy, take your free water and get the hell out." Student, wife and mom, just a single gal making a living? What's her story? How did she learn to be so polite? Let's meet her parents. Chat with her co-workers, friends.

Thursday, no interview with Rachel. Friday, nothing. Saturday, bupkes. I can't even find any attempts to contact her. No reporter walking up to the door of the restaurant, no video of a news crew in the drive-thru window asking to speak with her.

And nothing on the other half of the story: how did the owner of the restaurant chain react? Will he pay her tuition, promote her, pay off her mortgage, hire her to do public relations, put her in a television commercial? Again, nothing.

Is this story too "nice" to warrant any coverage? I'm willing to bet if Rachel had told the guy to shut the hell up and drive there would be a line of satellite trucks outside the restaurant Thursday morning and she would have been turned into a national pariah.

In a week of feel-good stories from the Olympics, apparently no one wants a nice story from right here in our own backyard.

So here's an open invitation to Rachel: if you're interested in an interview, email me. I still love a good story. And yours is a great one.



Renard said...

I agree. I'd love to see an interview with her and hear her story.

joey said...

Someone at Fox reads the Grape