Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hurricane stories that no one ever does

Living on the gulf coast as we do, there's a routine we go through whenever a hurricane is approaching. I'm not talking about boarding up windows and stocking up on peanut butter. That's pretty standard for most people and they don't have to be told to do it. They've already got tarps, batteries, candles, etc.

Here are a few things that don't normally get a mention in hurricane prep packages:

-Generators run on gas, but they hate gas with ethanol. Find a station that sells non-ethanol gas (there are plenty out there.)

-Eat the most expensive food in the fridge or freezer as the hurricane approaches. If you're going to lose electricity and have your food spoil, better to lose the bolony than those lobster tails or steaks.

-Pet carrier. If you have to evacuate, you need one. While a dog will ride in a car comfortably, cats are notorious for hating cars and are not shy about using floor mats as a litter box to let you know it. Meanwhile, if you have an outdoor cat and have to bring Fluffy in, you need one lest your furniture get ripped to shreds. And don't forget the cat litter.

-Many gas appliances (stoves, water heaters) have an electric starter. There's a way to start them safely, but talk to a gas company person as to how to do it with a match without blowing yourself up.

-Which appliances use the most energy and can blow out a generator? Would you believe a coffee machine takes more juice than a freezer? Show people how to calculate wattage and not tax their generator. You also need special extension cords.

-What are the price gouging laws in your state? Keep an eye out for gas stations that jack up the price before the storm.

-Tuesday is a local election day in many areas. What happens if the storm hits on that day? Can the election be moved?

Those are just a few, but will give you an idea that there's more than just the usual.


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