Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The souls of 9/11 want media people to remember 9/12

I'm speculating here, but I imagine there are several conversations going on in heaven about the state of affairs in America.

The nearly three thousand souls of 9/11: firemen, cops, waiters, bankers, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, now all working as angels, probably look down at the ceremonies today and wonder if the memories will actually take hold. Or if we've really forgotten what things were like in the days after the attack eleven years ago.

The day after their arrival in heaven they looked down and saw a country united for the first time in a long time. They saw Democrats and Republicans working together. They saw media people unable to control their emotions, wearing their hearts on their sleeves, without an agenda.

They remember that amidst the grief and suffering and anger, 9/12 was one of the best days in America because we were all united.

And maybe they knew they hadn't died in vain.

Today those angels look down and see a country more divided than ever, as split as the nation was during the Vietnam era. Maybe even more. They see Congress so polarized it can't agree on anything. That's not the worst thing they see. They see media people taking sides, objectivity thrown out the window, doing their part to split the country even more. Dividing those who stood together on 9/12.

They hope those who cover the events of 9/11 today will remember 9/12, and check their opinions and agendas at the door.

That's the best way to honor the souls of 9/11.


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