Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Forget me not

The most common question I've had for reporters over the years goes like this: "Why didn't you do a standup?"

The most common answer: "I forgot."

How reporters can forget to do a standup is beyond me, but it happens a lot. Lots of other things fall through the cracks, and given your additional duties these days updating websites, dealing with social networking and endless live shots, it's inevitable that you'll forget something.

So I've put together a checklist. Actually three. One for reporters, one for anchors, one for producers. It's a pretty detailed list of things you should be doing on a daily basis. I think you'll find the suggestions helpful, and they'll get you into the habit of making sure you've done everything possible to make your work the best it can be. Review it a few times each day and you'll get a reminder of what you might have missed, how you can make things better, etc. It's digital, so you can keep it on your phone, tablet or laptop. And I've kept it under five bucks. Here's the Amazon version (you don't need a Kindle, as you can download to pretty much any device.)

And the Smashwords version, if you prefer (also available to any device):

And in case you're wondering, the photography version is coming soon. (And no, I'm not writing that one. I'm not a photog, remember?) So you one-man-bands out there stand by.


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