Thursday, February 21, 2013

Okay, one man bands, help is finally here.

I've had a lot of good response to both of my broadcast journalism books, but, as I've mentioned many times, I've never shot a frame of video. There needed to be a guide for those who find themselves shooting their own stuff.

Finally, and it's about damn time, someone has written a such a book.

Lucky for you, the author is a photog who shot wonderful stuff for me years ago, so I can vouch for him. The shooter is Rick Portier, one of the smartest photogs I've ever known, and he's put together a simple, easy to understand pocket checklist to help you navigate the electronic minefield that comes with being handed a camera and tossed into the deep end of the pool. If you've ever returned to the station with video out of focus, a standup out of frame, an interview subject lit like the Phantom of the Opera, b-roll in a lovely shade of blue, no audio, or video grainy enough to pass for a 1950's home movie, you need this book.

Rick has formatted it into a digital version just like my own pocket checklist. (You'll notice the covers are similar.) It's designed to be downloaded to a phone, iPad or whatever you carry with you so that you'll always have it on hand. And the price is right: a wealth of knowledge for five bucks.

You can pick up Rick's book at Amazon and Smashwords right now. Barnes & Noble's Nook version coming shortly. Here are the links to the Amazon version and one available on Smashwords, which offers downloads to practically every device out there.

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