Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm going on semi-hiatus...

If you've been a regular visitor here for the past few years you may have noticed the posts have not been as frequent of late. Some of this is due to a two week vacation in June, but most of it is because of a very big change in my career.

I've been writing novels for the past few years, and I've mentioned this a few times here. Well, a while ago I was offered a three-book deal by HarperCollins, known as one of the "Big Six" publishers. This is the kind of thing authors dream about... getting a major publisher to believe in your work and promote it. While television news has been my career, writing has always been my passion.

The key here is "three-book deal" which means I have to devote much more time to writing fiction... and a little less time here.

This does not mean I'm going to stop posting. There are still plenty of things you guys need to know, the industry is always changing, and I keep hearing of new Jedi Mind Tricks being played on unsuspecting journalists by those ne'er-do-wells in management. So though the posts will be less frequent, they'll still be there. Since I'm a quality vs. quantity guy anyway, this makes sense.

Besides, there are seven years worth of posts that you can read (the current count is 1,320) so there's plenty of useful information if you care to wander through the archives.

If you're a client, fear not, as I'll still take care of you and give you as much time and help as you need. Absolutely nothing will change.

If you send an email with a question, it might take a little longer to answer it.

As for my fiction, the first book is scheduled for release in August, and I hope you'll support it by either picking up a copy, telling your friends, or both.

In the meantime know that I'll still be looking out for you guys. Hell, somebody has to.

Meanwhile, here's my new author blog if you'd like to check it out...



Mike Sullivan said...

Good luck, Randy! Hope to see you on the NT Times bestseller list.

Crystal Hall said...

So happy for you Randy! I wish you the best.