Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday's story ideas

D-Day anniversary. Talk to some World War Two vets to get their thoughts on the war in Iraq.

Unemployment has biggest hike in 20 years. What is the situation in your market, and what options do people have to find jobs? Show people how to use the Internet to find work.

Real estate commission. Since agents aren't selling much, are they willing to negotiate on their rates?

Scalping of sports tickets online has taken the practice to a new level. What is legal? Also, some states are seriously looking into the practice.

Congress looks at the practice of Doctors sending prescriptions via email. (Can't read their writing anyway... so it should cut down on mistakes.)

Prices of solar products are beginning to come down. What's affordable?

Eye-fi is a device for your digital camera that can be traced if you lose your camera or it is stolen. Kind of a lo-jack for the Kodak moment set.

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