Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday's story ideas

Cops on bikes or motorcycles. Police departments are feeling the gas pinch too. Will we see a return of "Chips"?

Political blogs by politicians are becoming popular. Not only does this offer the citizen a unique look at government, it gives reporters a wonderful library of quotes that you might need for the future.

Hillary "suspends" her campaign. Talk to a delegate or two (of hers) and explain exactly what that means.

Ride share programs. These are popular in the Northeast... so are other cities looking into them to help the environment?

The United Nations issues a report on how to cut your electricity use, which includes getting rid of your electric toothbrush. What other powered appliances can be easily replaced? (Can opener, blow dryer, etc.)

Alternate airports. With airlines cutting so many flights, many at smaller airports, show consumers how they can deal with the situation (and maybe save a buck) by driving to an alternate airport.

Freon leaks... they can make your a/c inefficient and aren't that hard to spot. Talk to an expert.

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