Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday's story ideas

Walking is growing in popularity, both as a good exercise and also as a way to save gasoline.

People age 19 and 20 are the most likely age group to go without health insurance, as many parents health plans don't cover children past eighteen. What's the solution, especially if you're in college and don't have a job?

The average person would save $1800 per year ditching the car and taking mass transit to work.

Wal-Mart has improved the fuel efficiency of its trucks by 20 percent this year... so how did they do it and why can't every company do it?

Interesting fact about grocery shopping... the more expensive items are on the middle shelves, the cheaper ones are on the top and bottom shelves. Apparently food companies pay big bucks to get their products into the middle. So go shopping, put your camera on the bottom of the cart and look for bargains.

Negotiating for a discount with a physician. It's not insulting, it's done all the time by many people who have little or no insurance.

How are honeybees doing in your market? Reports earlier this year had them disappearing... are they still vanishing or are farmers seeing a return?

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