Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday's story ideas

Dividend stocks. Money markets and CDs are paying almost nothing, so many investors are turning to old fashioned blue chips that pay quarterly dividends.

Tim Russert's death sends middle-aged men (who notoriosly avoid doctors) in for physicals. Are there warning signs for the same thing that felled Russert?

How slow can you legally drive on the Interstate? I'm seeing lots of people slowing down to save gas.

Defective valve stems on tires made in China could have you headed for a breakdown. How do you check a) to see if you have Chinese tires; and b) to see if your valve stems are OK?

The Fed says health care costs are straining the economy. Is this an area in which people are cutting back?

Fake tans for summer. Do a fun consumer piece on how to look great without sunbathing.

***don't forget to buy lunch for a photog this week***

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