Friday, September 3, 2010

The O & O factor, and joining the right group


What's the deal with O & O stations? Are they your foot in the door to a great career?

Oh, you betcha. Even if you're at the smallest O & O (that means "owned and operated" by a network, in case you didn't know) you're still an employee of the network.

It's like that old saying about baseball. The 25th player on a major league team may ride the bench, but he's still in the major leagues.

Trust me, network higher-ups keep a close on all the talent at the O & O stations. Promoting from within is a common occurrence. That assumes, of course, that you're doing a great job. You could end up at one of the top O & O stations, or the network itself. And you'll usually have better resources at your disposal.

The same promote-from-within factor holds true of a few media groups that own several stations. Of course, we're talking about the classy groups that still exist in this country. There are some groups that treat people poorly, and you don't want to work for those.


Anonymous said...

Ever heard of MediaStars Worldwide? Would it be a waste of time and money to use them to get my first job in TV News (hopefully an O & O station). Or would it be better to get an agent once I am ready to move to a bigger market or entertainment news for instance?

-The Grape said...

Sorry, but I don't comment on specific agencies. Or groups, for that matter.

But agents don't really want clients for a first job. Not enough commission.