Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shoveling is snow joke

Growing up in the Northeast, a snowfall was a financial opportunity for a kid. You'd grab a shovel and start ringing doorbells. Several driveways later, you had a fistful of cash. Adults were always warned that shoveling snow was dangerous, so they hired some kid for a few bucks.

These days, good luck finding a kid who wants to shovel snow. They'll do it when you pry their fingers away from their video games.

So now you see plenty of adults shoveling. Big mistake.

Since every state in the country has snow on the ground except Florida and Hawaii, I thought I'd "dig out" an old story idea one of my favorite reporters did after a blizzard. I'm sure this saved a few lives.

He was a young, healthy guy. He grabbed a shovel and brought along a doctor and a portable EKG machine. The doc wired him up and he started shoveling. His heart rate was off the charts in no time.

Show and tell was never done better. The idea was so simple, yet so effective.

Of course if you do this, make sure you're young, healthy and get checked out by a doc before you hit the streets.


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