Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Election pop quiz

Since we might have something very unusual at the Republican National Convention this year (an "open" or "brokered" convention) you need to know stuff about the political process.

Yes, time for another pop quiz.

1. What are the rules regarding delegates and the first ballot?

2. How are delegates chosen?

3. What is "crossover" voting in a primary?

4. What happens if no nominee is chosen after the first ballot?

5. What is an uncommitted delegate?

6. Explain the rules of a caucus.

7. What happens to committed delegates if a candidate drops out of the race?

8. What happened in 1968 to throw the Democratic Convention into turmoil?

9. What is a "beauty contest" primary?

10. How are the number of electoral votes for a state determined?

Bonus question: How many electoral votes does your state have?

Pencils down.

Answers: Oh, you want answers? As my dad would say, look it up!


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