Monday, February 20, 2012

Yet another example of the market size myth

It's funny that we work in a creative business, yet so many of you plan your careers with basic math. Many seem to think you can only jump a certain number of markets after a certain number of years.

As I related last fall when I had three clients make huge market jumps from markets in triple digit markets to New York City, Dallas and Hartford, market size is a myth. And so are the traditional beliefs regarding movement up the ladder.

There are no rules anymore. You can jump to any market from any market.

If someone in your station tells you it can't be done, ignore it. If someone tells you something like, "No one from this station has ever gone directly to a top have to go to a medium market first," ignore them. It's probably because that person can't do it. Doesn't mean you can't.

There are no rules anymore.

Submitted for your approval, another case of a client who simply sent tapes to big markets. He had a good tape, had worked hard, and believed me when I told him to send tapes anywhere. So Andrew del Greco will be moving from Reno, Nevada (market 108) to WTAE in Pittsburgh (market 23). No agent, no big connections, just the belief that he could send a tape anywhere.

You can too.

Because there are no rules anymore, regardless of what anyone tells you. (Except me, of course.)


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