Monday, July 2, 2012

Grapevine honor roll: the two-part story

This one comes from a client in Wichita Falls, Texas, market 142. It's what I call a two-part story; not because it's a series, but because the single package has two distinct parts. The reporter, Crystal Hall, could have just done the basic stuff and mentioned part two, but she weaved the two parts together into a terrific package. Nice job with the nat sound pops as well, and note how she bounces between the two parts toward the end.

UPDATE>>>Apparently the above link doesn't always work. Try this one:



Anonymous said...

I love how the station took it down... typical.

-The Grape said...

Okay, I found another link and posted it.

Stations, please stop taking down links of good should take it as a compliment when quality work is shared with others.