Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shameless promotion disguised as a July book sale

Okay, you fans of reading stuff electronically, here's an opportunity for you to save a buck. During the month of July, the electronic distributor Smashwords is offering a 25 percent discount on some of my books, including the journalism text on the right side of this page, which will save you five bucks. You can also help support my fiction habit, as a few of my novels are also on sale under my name and Nick Harlow. This is also an inexpensive way for you to say thanks for maintaining this blog free for the past six years. (That's known as Catholic guilt.) All the novels have a main character who works in television news. Most feature an evil member of management, but, as they say, art imitates life.

Smashwords can offer downloads to just about any electronic device or computer. To get the discount, make sure you enter the coupon code SSW25 before checkout.

All proceeds will go into my pocket and probably be designated to buy treats for Gypsy, our cat.

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