Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane warning

Many of you in the Northeast have never covered a hurricane, so time for the semi-annual warning not to get killed covering the storm.

Don't underestimate Mother Nature. Case in point: while I was covering Hurricane Isaac in August, at one point I actually had to get down on all fours to cross the street because I was being blown off my feet. And this was only a category one hurricane.

Getting too close to the water is another big risk. Water can trump anything: brick, steel, and easily the human body.

Flying debris is another danger: 75 mile per hour winds can send wood and metal flying at you like a rocket.

So don't be stupid. You may think doing a live shot on the water's edge is more dramatic, but it's just dumb. And you may think that kind of shot on your resume tape will get you a job, but News Directors have seen hundreds of those.

Safety first. No story is worth dying for.


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