Saturday, October 27, 2012

When producing a local newscast, you don't have to follow the network's lead

I don't have too many posts for producers, but this one is necessary. In addition, many anchors are now producing their own shows.

This has to do with local newscasts that include national and international news.

There has always been a tendency to look at what the network is leading with, and following suit. That rule has now gone out the window, thanks to bias.

The prime example this week is the Libya situation, or scandal, or coverup, or whatever you want to call it. Two networks are devoting serious coverage to it. Two are totally ignoring it.

This should not have any effect on your local newscast.

Just because someone at the network level thinks a story is big doesn't mean you have to think the same way. Just because a network producer thinks this story should be ignored, doesn't mean you have to ignore it.

As always, put yourself in the shoes of the viewers. Your personal opinion means nothing. Is this a story the local viewers want to know about, or not? And remember, not covering a story you don't personally like is bias by omission.

You don't have to be a bunch of sheep. It's okay to stray from the herd.


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